A Spanish Language Video

This video was targeted via Facebook ads to Spanish speakers in Florida and Texas.

The text of the video in English is roughly: 

Donald Trump started his campaign with his statement that Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers. When this offensive opening statement did not end his candidacy, but rather sent him to the top of the pack, it was clear that he had tapped into a dangerous racist undercurrent in the United States.
Though he lost the popular vote he was able to win the election using promises like bringing back factory jobs and building a wall.
Trumps hate speech to Hispanics led directly to the 2019 El Paso massacre, where the shooter left a state saying “the shooting was an “incentive” for Hispanics to leave the country, which would “remove the threat” of a Hispanic voting bloc.”
Mario Carrillo of America’s Voice, an immigrant advocacy group says “I think the climate for Latinos right now is very dangerous, and I think it really starts at the top with the president’s rhetoric.”
Along with inciting hate and violence towards all people of color, Trump and the GOP are working hard to end DACA and deport people who have lived in the US their whole lives.
We have the construction of a pointless wall, a symbol of hatred that will not keep neither drugs nor immigrants out of the country.
And don’t forget that the Democrats are committed to protecting Social Security, Medicare, and also keeping the postal service an affordable public service.”
Finally, we have the refugee children in cages, one of the Trump administrations most vicious and inhuman acts.
For all of these reasons we ask that you vote blue and get everyone you can to also vote blue, everywhere, but specially in Florida and Texas, where a rejection of Trump’s racism will send a big message and help assure he is removed from power.

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Here is a link to this video on Vimeo where you can watch, share, or download it: https://vimeo.com/469029980