Jon the Purple

This is the website of Jon Sachs, who believes that many citizens of the US in 2020 have aspects of blue and red politics, hence the purple.

The site is composed of short videos about political issues.

In the end, I usually come down on the side that is identified with the Democratic Party, but I think few issues are simple black and white, or red or blue.

This site is the sister to my Jon the Purple Facebook page. Following the Facebook page and sharing it is very helpful, as we are still in process of becoming an approved political advertiser on Facebook.

If you like what I have to say you can send your friends this way.

This project is on hold since the election of 2020. I am watching and waiting to see how public discourse evolves in the Biden era.

Jon Sachs
the future

The Future

This is video was made for our younger voters, who stand to lose the most if Trumpism continues. Share with anyone you think will appreciate

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Trump good for Jews?

Good for the Jews?

I really don’t like hearing fellow American Jews argue that Trump is  “good for the Jews” and therefore everything else does not matter. Not only

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vote for Trump?

Vote for Trump? I created this video just to send to people who might think twice about voting for Trump again. This has been placed in Facebook

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vote for trump spanish

A Spanish Language Video This video was targeted via Facebook ads to Spanish speakers in Florida and Texas. The text of the video in English is roughly:  Donald

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jon the purple midwest

The Midwest 2020 Seems like the swing states will decide the 2020 election and the midwest are critical in the mix. Here is my pitch to the

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Trumps COVID Cluster

Trump’s COVID Cluster I try to be neutral, purple, but the recent maskless activities that have led to the White House COVID Cluster have pretty much blown

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Loving the US

Loving Our Country I have seen people upset when problems about our country are brought up, which I understand. But I think that in order to get

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Jon the Purple on Heathcare

Health Care Here is my take on healthcare, which has been a bitter and divisive issue for years – and will continue to be so. Here

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Jon the Purple on climate change

Climate Change Politics Few scientific issues are political, but climate change is super-political. In this video I look at why this might be… You can view and

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jon the purple COVID

COVID Overreaction? I’ll be honest. I have at times wondered if our whole COVID shutdown was an overreaction. So I went back to March and April

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Jon the Purple on the Postal Service

Postal Service Here is my take on the Postal Service, which is another thing the GOP keeps wanting to privatize. To me, this is a great

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Environment and the EPA

Environment and the EPA No question that the EPA has gone overboard at times. But are the current administration’s efforts to reform it the right way to go?

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jon sachs purple

Why the Purple? I try to look at each issue in the most balanced way I can, respecting the point of view of people on both “sides”.

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why jon sachs videos?

Why These Videos? Here is a short video on why I am doing these videos in the first place. I hope to get somewhere between 3 and

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jon on social security

Social Security Here is my take on Social Security, which has been endorsed in the past by both parties, but today the GOP is making more

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Future Video Topics

Leading up to the election on November 3rd, I plan to create videos on these additional topics:

If you have input on these topics or want to suggest others, please the contact page to send your feedback.

  1. The Postal Service
  2. Unions
  3. Government Regulation
  4. The Economy
  5. The Stock Market
  6. Climate Change
  7. Education
  8. Health Care
  9. COVID
  10. Black Lives Matter
  11. The Military
  12. Crime
  13. Guns
  14. Immigration
  15. Abortion
  16. Freedom
  17. Facing Our History